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Pulp & Paper

A pulp mill is a manufacturing facility that converts wood chips or other plant fiber into a thick board that is shipped to a paper mill for processing. Pulp can be manufactured using mechanical or chemical methods. ProTech Coatings provides concrete repair and protective coatings to restore and protect mechanical and chemical processing facilities.

  • Secondary Containment For safety, secondary walls are typically built around chemical tanks to contain aggressive chemicals in the event of the primary storage tank failure. ProTech installs Vinyl Ester, Novolac and Asphalt Modified-Reinforced Lining Systems to meet customer needs.
  • Tank Linings To protect the inside of concrete, metal and fiberglass chemical storage tanks, Epoxy and Vinyl Ester Resins may be applied by spray, roller or trowel. For increased durability, Fabric Reinforcement and Graphite Flake may be integrated into the system.
  • Equipment Pads & Sumps Designed for extreme chemical situations, ProTech installs Potassium Silicate, Furan Polymer, Novolac and Carbon Filled Vinyl Ester coating systems. Typically applied by trowel, these high performance materials are designed to withstand extreme physical abuse and thermal shock.
  • Processing Floors Chemical processing floors create a demanding environment for protection. Extreme conditions include high impact, thermal shock, hot acid, hot oil, halogenated hydrocarbons and ozone. Material choices include Trowelled Novolac Epoxy, Urethane Cement, Fluoroelastomer and High Performance Polysulfide Coating Systems.
  • Structural Strength & Repair Carbon Fiber is designed for a cost effective method of repairing defects and provide structural strength to concrete and metal beams in Pulp and Paper environments. ProTech is manufacturer trained and certified to ensure proper material selection and application methods.