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Power Generation

Power plants require concrete structures that are stable, waterproof and easy to clean. Power is the life line of our nation. When a power generator stops producing electricity, enormous numbers of families are without lights, heat and refrigerators to keep food from spoiling. ProTech understands the need for power. We provide the following repair and protective coating systems for Power Generation plants.

  • Concrete Repair As concrete repair specialists, ProTech knows how to engineer the proper concrete repair for your facility. Materials used range from hydraulic or polymer cement to epoxy or urethane mortar. In conditions that may require a structural repair that is fast setting, impact/ chemical resistant in wet, oily or frozen surfaces, ProTech can provide the right repair for the job.
  • Joint Repair Damaged expansion joints in floors create a safety hazard for building occupants. Additionally, forklift tires and electrical components are easily damaged due to impact vibration and operator fatigue increases every time a lift moves across the damaged joint. ProTech is manufacturer trained and certified by the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) to properly remove damaged concrete, install new and select the proper joint filler to maintain the joint to allow future movement. While joints are a maintenance item, knowing the proper methods and materials reduces the frequency of repairs. For a free facility evaluation click here.
  • Structural Strength & Repair Carbon Fiber is designed for a cost effective method of repairing defects and provide structural strength to concrete and metal beams in power generating environments. ProTech is manufacturer trained and certified to ensure proper material selection and application techniques.
  • Trowelled Epoxy Mortar For durability in production areas or to rehabilitate existing floors, ProTech power trowels 3/16” Epoxy Mortar. Once dry, the epoxy overlayment is patched and ground to help smooth the surface. The final finish varies from Durable Epoxy to High Performance Urethane topcoats.
  • Urethane Grouting For slab lifting, stabilization, void filling and curtain grouting, ProTech technicians use polyurethane foam for rapid return to service. Cured in 15 minutes, holes are drilled and foam is injected under pressure creating a permanent fix as foam will not degrade or breakdown.