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Drug development is a billion dollar industry plagued with risk. For example, one in ten thousand discovered drugs will obtain approval for sale. Once approved, only one in three drugs will generate enough profit to cover the development costs of previous failures. For a pharmaceutical company to survive, a billion-dollar drug must be approved every few years. ProTech understands that pharmaceutical environments require stable floors with non-staining, chemical resistant coating systems. ProTech is manufacturer trained and certified to perform the following services:

  • Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) Made from the same components as bullet proof glass, MMA is fully cured in one hour- even at minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit. MMA has excellent UV stability, thermal shock and dries to an appealing low glare, satin finish. When combined with colored flakes or quartz, MMA provides a seamless floor that is decorative and very functional.
  • Slab Stabilization Pharmaceutical equipment requires a stable surface for operation. For moving slabs and void filling, ProTech uses polyurethane foam for rapid return to service. Cured in 15 minutes, holes are drilled and foam is injected to stabilize and lift slabs. Foam is a perfect choice for installation around sensitive equipment and clean room environments.
  • Concrete Repair As concrete repair specialists, ProTech knows how to engineer the proper repair for your facility. Repair materials range from hydraulic or polymer cement to epoxy or urethane mortar. In conditions that may require a structural repair that is fast setting, impact/ chemical resistant in wet, oily or frozen surfaces, ProTech can provide the right repair for the job.
  • Joint Repair Damaged expansion joints in floors create a safety hazard for building occupants. Additionally, forklift tires and electrical components are easily damaged due to impact vibration and operator fatigue increases every time a lift moves over the damaged joint. In high production warehouse environments, that may be several hundred times per shift. ProTech is manufacturer trained and certified by the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) to properly remove damaged concrete, install new and select the proper joint filler to maintain the joint to allow future movement. While joints are a maintenance item, knowing the proper methods and materials reduces the frequency of repairs. For a free facility evaluation click here.