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ProTech Coatings began restoring parking structures in 1993. Since, we have completed over 100 successful parking structure rehabilitation projects. ProTech has gained a strong reputation as a respected authority on parking structure repair and rehabilitation from Engineers and fellow General Contractors.

A parking structure is subject to extreme weather conditions with little to no protection from the elements. Water, ice, salt and thermal shift are primary enemies. When left unattended, structures quickly succumb to the elements and maintenance costs compound exponentially each season.

With a diverse background in concrete restoration and waterproofing systems, ProTech offers complete services in parking structure rehabilitation. Our highly skilled tradesmen take pride in each and every project we complete. ProTech understands the environmental conditions and proper solutions for dealing with parking structure rehabilitation and we appreciate the significant cost for repairs. At ProTech, we pride ourselves in providing cost effective solutions with rapid installation.

  • Parking Membranes Water and salt intrusion into a concrete parking structure is detrimental to the structural integrity due to reinforcement corrosion and freeze-thaw. If left unrepaired, the costs to fix increase exponentially over a 5 to 10 year period. Beyond 10 years, parking structures can be structurally unsound and condemned as unsafe for occupants. After all repairs have been performed, a flexible polyurethane or epoxy traffic membrane system is installed with non-skid preventing water from getting into the substrate and providing occupants a safe walking surface. All ProTech membrane installations carry a 5 plus 5 year warranty.
  • Healer/ Sealer A less expensive option to parking membranes, healer/ sealer is designed to allow penetration into the surface to seal pores and cracks. Epoxy sealer is applied in one application and broadcast with sand for a light texture. If desired, a parking membrane system may be installed in conjunction with the Healer/ Sealer to provide additional protection from moisture intrusion.
  • Structural Strength Carbon Fiber is designed as a cost effective method of repairing defects and providing structural strength to concrete beams and columns in parking structures. ProTech is manufacturer trained and ICRI certified to ensure proper selection and application methods- ensuring a successful repair.
  • Structural Concrete Repair Water and freeze-thaw conditions ultimately lead to corrosion and structural deterioration. When reinforcing steel and post tension cables rust, the surrounding concrete will delaminate. By carefully removing all loose concrete and cleaning/ replacing exposed reinforcement- the process of proper structural repair can begin. Cathodic Anodes may be tied to reinforcement to inhibit future corrosion. Epoxy primer is then applied for bonding a new, rapid setting, concrete repair. Combined with proper curing and re-cutting of all joints a successful, structural repair is created.
  • Expansion Joints Designed to allow parking structure movement from vehicle weight loads and freeze thaw, ProTech is trained and certified to install rubber glands and foam joints. Able to withstand high impact and repetitive loading conditions, ProTech’s expansion joint installations carry a five year waterproof warranty.
  • Tendon Repair Vital to the structural integrity of a suspended parking slab, tendon cables are installed to allow concrete to span larger distances without support. By placing the concrete under stress, flexible cables increase strength substantially when placed under tension. However, when a cable is damaged due to corrosion or overstress, a very dangerous situation is presented for occupants- as a cable break under stress can be fatal. To repair, ProTech certified technicians use specialized equipment that holds the tendon under stress while repair is made. Once complete flexural, axial, shear strengthening and deflection is restored to the structure.
  • Epoxy Injection Structural cracks in concrete walls, columns and beams not only allow water intrusion, but create a structurally unsafe condition for occupants. By injecting epoxy under pressure full depth into the cracks, structural integrity is restored and moisture is kept out. Combined with topical coating systems, visual appearance is restored as well.