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Modern mining is an industry that involves the exploration and removal of minerals from the earth providing the majority of our nation’s energy and resources. With operating costs in the billions and economic values changing daily for mined resources, it’s imperative that their concrete be protected and repairs made quickly. ProTech Coatings provides the following protective coating systems and repairs.

  • Concrete Repair As concrete repair specialists, ProTech knows how to engineer the proper concrete repair for mining facilities. Materials used range from hydraulic or polymer cement to epoxy or urethane mortar. In conditions that require a structural repair that is fast setting, impact/ chemical resistant in wet, oily or frozen surfaces, ProTech can provide the right repair for the job.
  • Joint Repair Damaged expansion joints in process floors create a safety hazard for facility occupants. Additionally, forklift tires and electrical components are easily damaged due to impact vibration and operator fatigue increases every time a lift moves over the joint. In high production environments, that may be several hundred times per shift. ProTech is manufacturer trained and certified by the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) to properly remove damaged concrete, install new and select the proper joint filler to maintain the joint to allow future movement. While joints are a maintenance item, knowing the proper methods and materials reduces the frequency of repairs. For a free facility evaluation click here.
  • Secondary Containment For safety, secondary walls are typically built around chemical tanks and production areas to contain aggressive chemicals in the event of the primary storage failure. ProTech installs Vinyl Ester, Novolac and Asphalt Modified- Reinforced Lining Systems to meet customer needs.
  • Tank Linings To protect the inside of concrete, metal and fiberglass chemical storage tanks, Epoxy and Vinyl Ester Resins may be applied by spray, roller or trowel. For increased durability, Fabric Reinforcement and Graphite Flake may be integrated into the system.
  • Equipment Pads & Sumps Designed for extreme chemical situations, ProTech installs Potassium Silicate, Furan Polymer, Novolac and Carbon Filled Vinyl Ester coating systems. Typically applied by trowel, these high performance materials are designed to withstand extreme physical abuse and thermal shock.
  • Processing Floors Processing floors create a demanding environment for protection. Extreme conditions include high impact, thermal shock, hot acid, hot oil, halogenated hydrocarbons and ozone. Material choices include Trowelled Novolac Epoxy, Urethane Cement, Fluoroelastomer and High Performance Polysulfide Coating Systems.
  • Structural Strength & Repair Carbon Fiber is designed for a cost effective method of repairing defects and provide structural strength to concrete and metal beams. ProTech is manufacturer trained and certified to ensure proper material selection and application methods.
  • Trowelled Epoxy Mortar For durability in production areas or to rehabilitate existing floors, ProTech power trowels 3/16” Epoxy Mortar. Once dry, the epoxy overlayment is patched and ground to help smooth the surface. The final finish varies from Durable Epoxy to High Performance Urethane topcoats.
  • Urethane Grouting For slab lifting, stabilization, void filling and curtain grouting, ProTech technicians use polyurethane foam for rapid return to service. Cured in 15 minutes, holes are drilled and foam is injected under pressure creating a permanent fix as foam will not degrade or breakdown.