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Religious and educational institutions require flooring that is cost effective and durable. In kitchen and locker room areas, anti-microbial epoxy with vinyl flake and colored quartz provide a durable, seamless floor and wall systems that are easy to clean. Common areas typically receive Polished Concrete, Deco-Pour or Terrazzo. Upper level mechanical penthouse floors are waterproofed to contain chemicals and liquids. ProTech Coatings can provide the following options to meet schedule and budget demands:

  • Decorative Epoxy Cost effective, functional and easy to maintain, decorative epoxy can be used in locker rooms, hallways, media centers and class rooms. By broadcasting colored quartz or vinyl flakes, an infinite array of color patterns are available.
  • Deco-Pour Developed and patented in 2001, Deco-Pour is the solution to the inconsistencies and lack of control associated with polished concrete. By prepping an existing slab of concrete and applying a patented self- leveling overlayment, ProTech can now Polish a floor with custom colors or broadcast decorative marble chips or recycled glass. The result is a beautiful, low maintenance durable floor finish.
  • Polished Concrete Concrete Polishing transforms ordinary concrete into a beautiful, glossy, easy-to-clean surface. ProTech owns highly specialized equipment that will produce a high degree of gloss on any concrete surface. By providing a highly polished surface and exposing the aggregate for decorative results, you can achieve a decorative floor without the use of coatings or wax that scuff and mar.
  • Polyurea When a quick setting, solvent free, UV stable floor is needed, Polyurea is the product of choice. Available in colors or clear, Polyurea may be broadcast with sand, colored quartz or vinyl paint chips- providing a floor that is as durable and attractive.
  • Terrazzo Derived from the Italian word for Terraces, Terrazzo was invented in the fifteenth century by Venetian Mosaic Workers who resurfaced the terraces around their living quarters with mixed chips and clay. Due to the textured surface, the Venetians used hand stones to rub the surface smooth for a more comfortable walking surface. In the late 1800’s gifted craftsmen brought the concept to America where it was used for monumental structures. Since then, the material reserved for kings and queens has become the contemporary surface for walls and floors. Epoxy Terrazzo from ProTech makes a distinct announcement. Terrazzo is distinguished, attractive and functional. Based on life cycle costs over 40 years, Terrazzo is the most cost effective flooring available.
  • Wall Systems Designed for impact and chemical resistance, resinous wall systems are an excellent choice for kitchens and food processing areas. Epoxy and methyl methacrylate (MMA) materials may be used. For increased strength, synthetic fiber reinforcement may be installed in the base coats. Urethane and polyaspartic finish coats may be applied to finish the system. The result is a seamless, durable, chemically resistant wall coating solution with exceptional cleanability and aesthetic appeal. Wall systems can be applied over gypsum, concrete, block, wood, metal and other sound surfaces.
  • Waterproof Flooring To contain water and chemical spills in mechanical room floors and mezzanines, reinforced latex membrane can be hand troweled in multi-layers and top coated with cement for a flexible, yet durable waterproof floor. To ensure a waterproof system, an integral cove base is applied up walls and equipment pads.