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Since 1993, the Food & Beverage Industry has been a primary focus at ProTech Coatings. We began by concentrating on what is most important to you, the customer. Offering a quality installation on time and under budget with minimal impact upon production schedules keeps our customers in production. With this in mind ProTech has become an industry leader by offering rapid curing systems with low odor while guaranteeing 24/7 install schedules. Innovative material and proprietary installation methods are employed producing the most durable seamless floors on the market.

The food and beverage industry presents aggressive environments for seamless flooring. Including chemical attack from CIP cleaners, caustics, oil as well as thermal shock and severe impact and abrasion. The following systems are installed by ProTech Coatings to meet facility demands:

  • Concrete Repair As concrete repair specialists, ProTech knows how to engineer the proper concrete repair for your facility. Materials used range from hydraulic or polymer cement to epoxy and urethane mortar. In conditions that may require a structural repair that is fast setting, impact/ chemical resistant in wet, oily or frozen surfaces, ProTech can provide the right repair for the job.
  • Epoxy Mortar For durability in food and beverage production and storage areas or to rehabilitate existing damaged floors, ProTech Epoxy Mortar may power trowelled at 3/16” thickness. Once dry, the Epoxy Overlayment is patched and ground to help smooth the surface and grouted with thickened epoxy to seal. The final finish varies from Chemical Resistant Epoxy to High Performance Urethane topcoats.
  • Ground & Polished Concrete After joint stabilization and concrete repair, warehouse floors may be ground to smooth. When combined with polishing, finishes vary from matte to high gloss. Ordinary floors are transformed from damaged and uneven with moving joints to an easy-to-clean showroom surface. Additional benefits include increased lighting, reduced forklift maintenance and reduced operator fatigue.
  • Joint Repair Damaged expansion joints in floors create a safety hazard for building occupants. Additionally, forklift tires and electrical components are easily damaged due to impact vibration and operator fatigue increases every time a lift moves over the joint. In high production warehouse environments, that may be several hundred times per shift. ProTech is manufacturer trained and certified by the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) to properly remove damaged concrete, install new and select the proper joint filler to maintain the joint. While joints are a maintenance item, knowing the proper methods and materials reduces the frequency of repairs. For a free facility evaluation click here.
  • Slab Stabilization For moving slabs and void filling, ProTech uses Polyurethane Foam for rapid return to service. Cured in 15 minutes, holes are drilled and foam is injected to stabilize and lift slabs.
  • Stainless Drains As a distributor and installer for Stainless Drains, ProTech has the unique ability to coordinate and provide the finest drains available in conjunction with high performance flooring in food and beverage facilities. Benefits include an anti-corrosion system and single source warranty.
  • Urethane Mortar Urethane Mortar is a solvent free, rapid curing system that can be applied to damp, oil contaminated substrates. Designed to withstand steam, chemicals and extreme physical abuse, Urethane Mortar is the most durable floor system on the market. For increased chemical resistance in Dairy Environments, ProTech has engineered and installed MMA and Vinyl Ester topcoats to meet customer needs.