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Dam & Spillway

The Bureau of Reclamation provides water to more than 31 million residents and 10 million acres of farmland- producing 60% of the nation’s vegetables and 25% of the fruits and nuts. Additionally, the Bureau is the second largest producer of Hydroelectric Power in the United States. Concrete preservation on dam and spillway tunnels is vital to our survival. ProTech Coatings specializes in concrete repair and stopping leaks in.

  • Concrete Repair Concrete deterioration and cracks plague the Bureau of Reclamation. If left un-repaired, the damaged will grow exponentially. By cutting the perimeter of the repair with a diamond saw and removing loose concrete with a jack hammer, forming and placement of Bureau of Reclamation engineered concrete mix design ensures a repair that will withstand extreme water pressure and freeze-thaw conditions.
  • Epoxy Repair Typically dam and spillway repairs are performed during winter conditions when water levels are low. Outside concrete repairs are performed in cold conditions with damp concrete which creates the need for fast setting, flexible materials that will bond to wet concrete. ProTech is trained and certified to install vertical epoxy gel materials that will perform in freeze/ thaw conditions and water submersion with constant wave punishment. The Bureau of Reclamation endorses and specifies this repair method.
  • Urethane Injection Annually millions of gallons of water is lost to cracked concrete with leaking water-flows. To reduce water flows, flexible polyurethane is injected to stop leaks fast. ProTech is trained and certified to drill and set packing ports that will allow injection of the water stopping urethane. Designed to permanently seal leaks, hydrophobic urethane is the material of choice for ProTech.