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The Aviation industry demands top quality products and process for competitive prices. With a background as a professional pilots and having installed the new hangar floor coating system on the Air Force One Hangar Complex at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland in 2009- ProTech Management understands the complexity of the industry.

Hangar Floors

  • Troweled Epoxy Mortar For durability in maintenance areas or to rehabilitate existing Hangar floors, ProTech power trowels 3/16” Epoxy Mortar. Once dry, the epoxy overlayment is patched and ground to help smooth the surface and grouted with epoxy to seal. The final finish varies from Durable Epoxy to High Performance Urethane.
  • 3/16'' Slurry Applied Epoxy/Urethane - ProTech Coatings has traveled the country installing our 3/16 hanger floor system. This system was originally developed to repair the most secure hanger in the United States at Andrews Air force Base. An existing coating needed to be removed and a heavily damaged concrete floor needed to be smooth as glass as we were also installing a Presidential Logo in the center of the hanger floor. The system started with a double primed surface pulled tight to avoid out gassing, followed by a light grinding of the floor to insure a smooth finish. We then applied a slurry coat of 100% solids epoxy at a rate of 150 mils, followed by a pair of top coats with solvent resistant urethane. This system has been proven on MILLIONS of square feet of military hangars across the country and has proven its self to be effective for many years of service; several of our hangars have been installed and still in service after 20 years.
  • Thin Mil Flooring For a show room finish, thin mil epoxy and urethane is applied in multiple coats. Light grinding between layers allows ProTech craftsmen to evaluate and patch the floor- ensuring a beautiful ProTech floor.
  • High Build Epoxy/Urethane Flooring  At  a SLC based  manufacturer of carbon fiber aerospace components, ProTech installed a 54 mil epoxy system with a urethane topcoat.  What makes this floor unique was the previous moisture problems that had been the cause of several floor failures in the past. ProTech Attacked the challenge by addressing first the moisture issue with two coats of 100% solids epoxy primer (8 mils each) followed by two body coats of 100% solids epoxy (15 mils each) with a final topcoat of urethane (8 mils). Total system thickness was 54 mils and the finish was smooth as glass! An additional challenge was the owners request that the coatings we used could contain no Benzyl Alcohol, a common diluent and carrier for epoxy.  After speaking to many manufacturers we came up with a system from SIKA Coatings consisting of  their 1610 Primer, 264 Body Coat and 315 Urethane. The system worked flawlessly and the client has a new moisture mitigating floor coating that will bring him many years of service.
  • Logos For a final touch or to announce the ownership of a hangar, custom logos may be applied to a new hangar floor coating and sealed with clear epoxy and urethane. ProTech has installed numerous Air Force Logos for Military Ceremonies and a 10 foot Presidential Seal in the Air Force One Hangar in Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland.

Terminal Floors

  • Terrazzo Derived from the Italian word for Terraces, Terrazzo was invented in the fifteenth century by Venetian Mosaic Workers who resurfaced the terraces around their living quarters with mixed chips and clay. Due to the textured surface, the Venetians used hand stones to rub the surface smooth for a more comfortable walking surface. In the late 1800’s gifted craftsmen brought the concept to America where it was used for monumental structures. Since then, the material reserved for kings and queens has become the contemporary surface for walls and floors. Terrazzo from ProTech makes a distinct announcement. Terrazzo is distinguished, attractive and functional. Based on life cycle costs over 40 years, Terrazzo is the most cost effective flooring available.
  • Polished Concrete Concrete Polishing transforms ordinary concrete into a beautiful, glossy, easy-to-clean surface. ProTech owns highly specialized equipment that will produce a high degree of gloss on any concrete surface. By providing a highly polished surface and exposing the aggregate for decorative results, you can achieve a highly decorative floor without the use of coatings or wax that scuff and mar.

  • Deco-Pour Developed and patented in 2001, Deco-Pour is the solution to the inconsistencies and lack of control associated with polished concrete. By prepping an existing slab of concrete and applying a patented self- leveling overlayment, ProTech can now Polish a floor with custom colors or broadcast decorative marble chips or recycled glass. The result is a beautiful, low maintenance, durable floor finish.