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Having worked for ATK Thiokol, the world's top producer of solid rocket propulsion systems and leading supplier of military and commercial aircraft structures, ProTech Coatings recognizes the sensitivity of National Security, providing durable floor surfaces for rebuilding shuttle rocket motors while maintaining conductive surfaces to inhibit spark and explosion of deadly propellants. Two finishes are primarily installed:

  • Trowelled Epoxy Mortar For durability in production areas or to rehabilitate existing floors, ProTech power trowels 3/16” Epoxy Mortar. Once dry, the epoxy overlayment is patched and ground to help smooth the surface to facilitate easy movement of space shuttle rocket components. The final finish varies from Durable Epoxy to High Performance Urethane topcoats.
Conductive Flooring The ATK Aerospace Industry is driven by explosive propellant. Electrical transfer and spark are extremely dangerous to engineers and building occupants testing, manufacturing and storing the propellant. By installing Electrically Conductive and Non-Sparking Epoxy and Urethane Floor Systems to lab floors and storage containers, metal grounding straps are installed at the perimeter of the area and mechanically attached by a certified electrician to the building grounding system. The result is enhanced safety by grounding of spark and static energy. Options include Novolac Epoxy and Urethane for chemical resistance, fiberglass reinforcement and mineral aggregates.

  • High Build Epoxy/Urethane Flooring  At  a SLC based  manufacturer of carbon fiber aerospace components, ProTech installed a 54 mil epoxy system with a urethane topcoat.  What makes this floor unique was the previous moisture problems that had been the cause of several floor failures in the past. ProTech Attacked the challenge by addressing first the moisture issue with two coats of 100% solids epoxy primer (8 mils each) followed by two body coats of 100% solids epoxy (15 mils each) with a final topcoat of urethane (8 mils). Total system thickness was 54 mils and the finish was smooth as glass! An additional challenge was the owners request that the coatings we used could contain no Benzyl Alcohol, a common diluent and carrier for epoxy.  After speaking to many manufacturers we came up with a system from SIKA Coatings consisting of  their 1610 Primer, 264 Body Coat and 315 Urethane. The system worked flawlessly and the client has a new moisture mitigating floor coating that will bring him many years of service.