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The Past, Present and Future...
The Industries We Serve


Utah Army National Guard, Apache Helicopter Hangar

A 32,000 square foot facility used to service and store Utah's fleet of Apache Helicopters. ProTech applied multiple coats of white epoxy with a high gloss urethane top coat.


Primary Children's Hospital

Primary Children's Medical Center is rated among the top 10 children's hospitals in the United States. ProTech is the primary restoration source for the Hospital. Past projects include 70,000 square feet of parking deck restoration and a heavy duty non-skid coating at the Helipad roof top. ProTech is committed to helping keep our children healthy and safe.

Food Processing

Desert Dairy

ProTech met the USDA requirements for Health and Safety standards while providing a thermal shock resistant floor for the 12,000 square foot processing areas. A decorative and cost efficient epoxy system was installed in the lobby circulation areas to create a warm and inviting environment uncommon for processing plants.


ATK Thiokol

ATK Thiokol is the world's leading supplier of rocket motors for space launch vehicles. ProTech completed two hundred and twenty thousand square feet of troweled epoxy overlay in 75 days. Harsh conditions ranging fro outdoor temperatures, safety, heightened security, confined spaces, and the sensitivity of working around technical and fragile equipment left our company with a new respect for the engineers at NASA. We are proud to be a small part of the awesome capacity of space exploration.


Nellson Neutraceutical Plants

ProTech installed 30,000 square feet of epoxy for this new facility recognized as a major producer of dietary supplements. Production included installation of 4” integral epoxy cove on three floors and nine various rooms.


Jordan Commons Megaplex 17

Jordan Commons pioneered the stadium theater concept in Utah. This state-of-the-art Movie Theater features seventeen screens, and indoor food court and several nationwide restaurants. ProTech installed 30,000 square feet of acid stan and 60,000 square feet of black stain on the interior flooring.


Salt Lake County, Midvale Vehicle Maintenance Facility

The 12,000 square foot Midvale Complex provides maintenance for all of the Salt Lake County service vehicles including Fire and Garbage Trucks as well as Heavy Tractor Equipment.



Water Reclamation